Sunday, September 25, 2016

Week 4: September 26-30: Agent 004's work

  • You and Agent 007 both have doctors’ appointments on Wednesday afternoon .  We will do “Books with Mama” at Lunch Time.  There will be no English meeting that day.  Please bring a reading assignment with you to do while waiting and during Agent 007's appointment. There will be no extended trip for Nature Study; you will be bringing your nature journal to our backyard.
  • Remember that with Latin class, piano lesson, and wheel-throwing, Thursday’s schedule is very broken up.  Like last week, I have removed “Books with Mama” from the schedule, but expect all remaining work to be completed before the start of school on Friday.

Monday 9/26
Tuesday 9/27
Thursday  9/29
Friday 9/30
Cursive p14
Cursive p15
Timeline 5 events; 1 with illustration
Check Ch1 quiz, redo if necessary
Call help desk if problem with form submission

Week 2 day 3
Ch2 wb 4-5
Week 2 days 4
Ch2 wb 6-7
Week 2 day 5
Drill vocabulary
Week 3 day 1
Read chapter in text
1st workbook page

Class 10:30

week 3 day 2
Ch3 be 2-3
1.04 voice activity
8:30 pm check in call
Start 1.07
Finish 1.07
Make a grid
Pros/cons of VLACS for Algebra
How would an alternative help with cons?  
*Module 2 pretest
2.04 Quiz]
Day 3
Writing:  introduce assignment
Brainstorm on own
Skill builder 3
Grammar done Thursday
Day 4
Write sloppy copy on own
Day 5
Finish sloppy copy, submit by end of day
Vocabulary exercises Ch2
Day 6
Work on essay revision
Practical Geologist p14 Inside the Earth
Book of Marvels “Carcassonne”
Book of Discovery
Practical Geologist p16 Evidence for the Theories
American History
Hernan Cortes: To Mexico p25-29
Hernan Cortes: The Return of the White God p29-33
The Conquest of Mexico p33-34
The Rebuilding of Mexico p35-6
World History/Bible
Joan of Arc (p194-197)
The Beginnings of Modern Times (p198-199)
Read 3.3
Do Sect. As#2-5, 7,8
Ch3 Assess#8-10, 22,23,26,29,34
Read 4.1
4.1 Sect. As#1,2,3,5,6
Quick Lab p102
Books with Mama
-Around the World in 80 Days
-Henry V Act 2, Scene 2
-We the People

-Around the World in 80 Days
-Writing Game (fiction)
Check in
Math and French
American History
World History
Saint Biography
Long Term Reading
Continue reading Cross among the Tomahawks and Bernadette: Our Lady’s Little Servant
Draft of Chuiraquimba and the Black Robes book review due
Continue reading Cross among the Tomahawks and Bernadette: Our Lady’s Little Servant
Post book Review to school blog
Bernadette: Our Lady’s Little Servant  due
Practice piano
Practice piano
Practice piano
Piano lesson
Wheel throwing
Illustrate timeline
Practice piano


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  2. Chuiraquamba and the black robes.

    As an assignment I read Chuiraquamba and the black robes.
    In this book the jesuits come to paraguay because they heard about the paulistas taking indian slaves. Chuiraquamba has a brother taki who is a little older than she. Later taki gets hurt and their father leaves him in the woods to die. A few months after, the paulistas have taken chuiraquamba’s father as a prisoner.Taki saves his father's life but is wounded he is baptised then he dies himself. Some years later Chuiraquamba was baptised. I would recommend this book for another 7th grader because the writing is really good and the story really brings you to that time period.