Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weeks 36 - 38 : May 30 to June 16

This grid does not include piano, Book Club (Pride and Prejudice), or French.  All should be done on regular schedule.

American History
World History
Tuesday 5/30
Review Unit IV
Read 20.2
#2-5, 7,8
Oliver Twist 31 and 32
World’s Story “General Gordon” p348-350 [narrate]
Wednesday 5/31
9.09 Practice Test
Unit IV Tests
Read 20.3
Math #1-3
33 + 34
“The Election that Split the Nation” p331-333

Read chapter Review
World’s Story“The Explorers” and “Mungo Park” p350-1 [narrate]
Book of Marvels My Hindu Princess [narrate]
Thursday 6/1
Plan Review, DBA questions
Review Unit V

Quick Lab p612
35 + 36
Civil War Series 1
(Amazon video)
World’s Story“David Livingstone” p351-54 [narrate]
Book of Discovery  Vancouver Discovers His Island  and Mackenzie and His Rive [narrater
Friday 6/2

Unit V tests
Chapter Asses #1-8, 11-18,22,23,25
37 + 38
Civil War series 2
World’s Story“The Ideal of Cecil Rhodes” and “Boer War” p354-56 [narrate]
Book of Marvels A  Love Story
Monday 6/5
Meet with teacher!!!!  
9.08 (Honors Project) Read page 3 and do task 2
Read 20.4
39 + 40
Civil War Series 3
World’s Story “The Story of China and Japan” p357-361 [narrate]
yBook of Discover Parry Disvoers Lancaster Sound and The Frozen North [narrate
Tuesday 6/6
9.10 Module 9 Test (2 parts)

Ch. 20 Assess#9,10,27-30
Online Assessment (Code: cca-2200)
41 + 42
Civil War Series 4
Book of Marvels The Glory of Asia [narrate]
Book of Discovery Franklin's Land Voyage to the North [narrate] and Larry's Polar Voyage[narrate]
Wednesday 6/7
9.11 Segment II practice Test
(Honors Project)  Read page 4 and do task 3
Read 21.1
43 + 44
Civil War Series 5
Book of Marvels The Top of the World [narrate]
Book of Discovery The search for Timbuktu [narrate] and Landers Discovers the Mouth of the Niger[narrate
Thursday 6/8
Plan Review
(Honors Project)  Task 4
Ch 21 Asses #1-4,11-13, 18
45 +46
Civil War series 6
Book of Marvels Land of Mystery [narrate]
Book of Discovery Ross Discovers the North Magnetic Pole [narrate
Friday 6/9
Study for Test
(Honors Project)  Task 5
Read 21.2
47 + 48
Civil War series 7
Book of Marvels  Palace of the Living Gods [narrate]
Book of Discovery Flinders Names Austral [narrate
Monday 6/12
(Honors Project)  Task 6
Read 21.3
49 + 50
From Sea to Shining Sea “Big changes after the War” p383-389 [narrate]
Book of Marvels Thirty Million Idols [narrate]
Book of Discovery Sturt's Discoveries in Australia [narrate
Tuesday 6/13
Test part 1

CHapter Assess #5-10, 14,15,17,19,29
Online Assessment (Code: cca-2100)
From Sea to Shining Sea “Indian Wars on the Great Plains” p389-399 [narrate]
Book of Marvels  A Tale from the Jungle [narrate]
Book of Discovery Ross Makes Discoveries in the Antarctic [narrate
Wednesday 6/14
Test Part 2

Write out notes for Chapters 19, 20, 21
From Sea to Shining Sea “The Sorrows of Chief Joseph” p399-402 [narrate]
Book of Marvels  The Great Stone Serpent [narrate]
Book of Discovery Franklin Discovers the NW Passage [narrate
Thursday 6/15
Test Part 3

Study for Test

From Sea to Shining Sea “War in the Southwest” and “Last Battle at Wounded Knee” p402- 406 [narrate]
Book of Marvels The Magic Mountain [narrate]
Book of Discovery David Livingstone [narrate
Friday 6/16


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