Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week 32: May 1-5 2017

Coronation of the Virgin
Diego Velazquez

Monday 4/17
Tuesday 4/18
Wednesday 4/19
Thursday  4/20
Friday 4/21
Morning Basket
Art Study
crown St. Mary
American Stories
St. Patrick
Folk Song
AMerican Stories

Review ch Ch 25

Take ch 25 QUIZ
ch 26 workbook
Review ch 26

CH 26 Quiz
CH 26 Grammar Quiz

Read ch 27
Class 11:30

Duolingo 5 min
Read Bien DIt Chapter 4 review
-read p _______
-Quizlet review, then take “test”
Duolingo 5 min
Duolingo 5 min

Review module 8 material
8.04 QUIZ
8.05 Perfect Square Trinomials
8.06 Difference of Perfect Squares
8.07 Polynomial Functions
8.08 Reflection

Book of Discovery Cook's 3rd Voyage
Book of Marvels
The Prince and the Flying Carpet
Practical Geologist:
p91 Techniques for Metamorphic Rocks and Drift
Book of Discovery Bruce’s Travels

World History/Bible
World’s Story
“The Remaking of Europe” p333-337
World’s Story
“Florence Nightingale” p337-340

Ch 16 online assessment (code cca-2160)
Chapter 17 online assessment (code cca-2170)
Chapter 18 online assessment (code 2180)
Review for Test

Update notebook
Read 19.1
Do #1-8
Quicklab p571
Use the mirror in Mama and Papa’s closet
American History
From Sea to Shining Sea “Americans West” p291-297
From Sea to Shining Sea “War with Mexico”  up to “Invasion of Mexico” p297-302
From Sea to Shining Sea complete “War with Mexico”  from “Invasion of Mexico” p302-308
From Sea to Shining Sea Read -Ch 14 review
-Complete Chapter checkpoint in complete sentences
-read “AMerican Larder”

Oliver Twist 19[narrate]
King Lear Act II, Scene 3
Oliver Twist 20 [narrate]
King Lear Act II, Scene 4
Oliver Twist 21
Long Term Reading
Saint Damien

Saint John Vianny or John Neumann

Saint John Vianny or John Neumann
Saint John Vianny or John Neumann
Saint John Vianny or John Neumann
Book Club
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice

Practice piano
Practice piano
Practice piano
Piano lesson
Wheel Throwing
Practice Piano


  1. oliver twist chapter 20

    Fagin tells Oliver that he will be brought to Sikes’s house that night. He gives Oliver a book to read. Oliver waits and he is scared of the book’s stories of criminals and killers. Nancy comes to take him away. Oliver thinks about screaming for help on the streets. Reading his thoughts on his face, Nancy warns him that he could get both of them into trouble. They get to Sikes’s house, and Sikes shows Oliver a pistol. He warns Oliver that if he causes any trouble, he will kill him. At five in the morning, they get ready to leave for the job.