Sunday, October 2, 2016

Week 5: October 3-7:Agent 004's Work

  • All work marked in red was due LAST week.  You must complete this in addition to this week’s work.  It would be wise to do one Math lesson, then switch to a reading subject, then come back to your second Math lesson.
  • We will be leaving at 2:15 to see Agent 002’s Cross Country meet on Monday. Please plan your afternoon work accordingly.
  • We have no academics scheduled for Friday, but are planning on attending gym.
  • Wireless internet has been flaky.  We are due to install a new modem by the middle of the week, but until then you may always use the kitchen computer for online work if the Chromebook cannot connect.
  • Have fun :)

Monday 10/3
Tuesday 10/4
Wednesday 10/5
Thursday  10/6
Timeline 5 events
1 with illustration
Cursive p16
Cursive p17
Review Ch 2
Take Quiz 2

Week 3 day 3
Ch3 wb 4
Week 3 days 4+5
Ch3 wb 5-7
Week 3 day 6
Quiz 3
Week 4 day 1
Read chapter in text
1st workbook page

Class 10:30

Module 2 pretest
2.04 Quiz
Day 7
Go over draft together
Vocabulary CH2
Day 8
Revise Paragraph {on own}
Grammar: Possessive #14+15
Day 9
Final Draft
Grammar: Objective 16-17
Book of Marvels “Mount St. Michael
Book of Discovery “Marco Polo

Practical Geologist p20 Minerals: Rock Components
Book of Marvels
“The O. and H of France”
American History
“Quest for the Cities of Gold” p36-40
“The Seven Cities of Cibola” p40-43
Watch: “Secrets: Golden Raft of El Dorado” on Netflix
(video part 2 if needed)
World History/Bible
Bible Week 2 Day 1
The Fall of Constantinople (p199-202)
The Beginning of Printing (p203-204)
4.1 Sect. As#1,2,3,5,6
Quick Lab p102
Mon: Read sect. 4.2
Do 4.2 #3-7,9
Tues: Read sect. 4.3
Do 4.3 #1-4,6
“Quick Lab” p117
CH 4 Assessment #3-10, 15-19, 21,23,25,26,28,29,31
Books with Mama
-Around the World in 80 Days
-Henry V Act 2, Scene 2
-We the People
Henry V Act 2 Scene 3
Check in
Math and French
American History
World History
Long Term Reading
Start St. Martin de Porres and Mary, Bloody Mary
Finish Cross Among the Tomahawks.  Review due next Tuesday.
Continue St. Martin de Porres and Mary, Bloody Mary
Continue St. Martin de Porres and Mary, Bloody Mary
Practice piano
Practice piano
Practice piano
Piano lesson
Wheel throwing

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  1. We did not work together on Monday. I will email you detailed comments on your Pet essay, and will expect substantial revisions by the end of school Tuesday. Please read the next chapter in Around the World in 80 Days and email me a brief narration. Also write (on paper, not in the book) the answers to exercises 2A, 2B and 2C on pages 12-13 of the vocabulary text.